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This is our brand new design of a new duckbill rear spoiler for ALL the C6 corvettes. Made entirely out of high grade carbon fiber material this is Velozdesigns exclusive 100% full carbon rear spoiler. The new wing incorporates super aggressive design giving you increased downforce by increasing the horizontal surface area of the top plane. Comes with third brake light hole accepting oem light bezel.  To augment the aero foil the optional aero vanes help straighten air on top and behind spoiler reducing lowpressure vortexes. These untis are made solely out of high grade carbon fiber material (no fiberglass) providing super light weight and stronger design than others. These are made with 3K 240gsm Grade A carbon fiber, 3 layers and 1 Layer 12K 200gsm Unidirectional Carbon fiber(reinforcement) then finished off with Sikkens HS Clear coat and polished for high luster top coat. Each unit comes with hardware. FREE Shipping in USA.



GPR6 sFC REAR SPOILER - PREMIUM small forged carbon